Sagisawa Chino(鷺澤 千帆, さぎさわ ちほ, Sagisawa Chiho) is one of main heroines in Princess Evangile. A childhood friend of Okonogi Masaya, she had a crush on him for a long time and planned to confessed after they graduated from junior high school. Unfortunately, as Masaya and his father had to run away from The Goons, he ended up breaking the promise with Chiho, leaving her heartbroken for a long time after.

Her theme music is Childhood Friend, and she is yet to have a title.

Appearance Edit

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Personality Edit

Prior to Masaya's arrival in Vincennes Private Girls' Academy, Chiho is described as reserved and stoic. She did not show herself much and always held herself back. Because she joined the school during Final Course, she was derisively nicknamed a "Final Course Tourist". Her only friend at that time was Kamiyagi Ruriko. Chiho also joined the track club, and is one of the best runners in the school, capable of keeping up with or outrunning even Masaya.

When Masaya arrived, she first called him a "traitor" because he did break his promise with her some years ago, and she did not know how to reconcile with him. With much effort from Masaya and his friends, they ultimately reconciled and Chiho returned to her former personality: cheerful, active and something of a tsundere. She, along with Rousenin Rise, is the one who would openly express her jealousy to anyone getting too close to Masaya, especially Rise, and initially, she does not get along well with Rise as she thinks Rise will seduce and steal Masaya away from her.

History Edit

Chiho and Masaya are childhood friends, and Chiho's family often helped a young Masaya very much, much to his gratitude. During a Summer Festival, she had her mother buy her a yukata, and eagerly invited Masaya to see her. However, because he had an appointment with Rise at the moment, he ended up turning down her offer, and this left Chiho bitter and lonely.

After they two both graduated from junior high school, Chiho told Masaya to meet her at the park and planned to confessed her feelings for him. However, due to Masaya's issue with the Goons, he and his father fled their hometown, and causing Masaya to hurt Chiho a second time. They did not meet again until Masaya arrived at Vincennes Private Girls' Academy.